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Meet Our Staff

Shannon Wood of ARA Theranostics.


Midtown Clinic Manager

Masters of Health Administration

Shannon Wood manages the ARA Midtown Clinic, including the Austin Vascular & Interventional Specialists, the Theranostics Center, and general radiology functions. She holds a Masters in Health Administration from Colorado State University.

Shannon has experience in administration in nuclear medicine, PET, general radiology, interventional radiology, cardiology, and medical research. Previously, she had careers as an exercise physiologist and manager of a cardiology clinic. Shannon has received awards in Applied Strategic Leadership and in Foundations of Healthcare Management.

Shannon’s focus is on ARA patients, and she has valued being part of developing the Theranostics Center at ARA, working with staff and radiologists to bring care and healing. She is inspired by the patients that pass through the center and deeply gratified when theranostics treatments allow patients have better lives. Shannon lives in Salado and loves to be out on the lake or in the pool with her two boys and husband. She also loves to travel and teach her children that the world is a magical place.

Taylor Kirk of ARA Theranostics.


Lead Molecular Imaging & Theranostics Technologist


Taylor Kirk is a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist who specializes in the techniques and skills required to administer theranostics diagnostic imaging and treatments. Taylor has been recognized for her expertise by being selected to present to other specialists at a Siemens conference on theranostics and participating in an improvement panel for Novartis.

For Taylor, being part of the Theranostics Center has been the highlight of her career because of the profound impact the services have on the lives of patients. She enjoys being able to give patients personalized care, letting them know how important their well-being is to the Theranostics team. Taylor lives in Austin and enjoys being with her husband and two boys.

Christopher Dubec of ARA Theranostics.


Molecular Imaging & Theranostics Technologist II


Chris Dubec is a Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist with expertise in administering theranostics diagnostic imaging and treatments. He completed a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Texas in San Antonio and then earned a degree in nuclear medicine technology from Houston Community College. Chris has worked previously at St. David’s Hospital South.

Chris is dedicated to the theranostics program at ARA and has enjoyed being a part of building a new center from the ground up and gaining experience in new kinds of treatment. He sees firsthand how patients struggle with cancer and loves hearing from patients about their post-treatment improvements and the benefits that theranostics brings to their lives.

In his off time, Chris lives for the outdoors and loves live music, friends, and spending time with his wife, daughter, and dog Atlas.

Alex Di Fonzo of ARA Theranostics.


Theranostics Coordinator

Bachelor of Science, Licensed Paramedic

Alex coordinates the theranostics program, including patient screening, protocols, dose ordering, arranging consultations, and overseeing on-call emergencies. He has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin in Madison and is a licensed paramedic who has worked in emergency rooms and on critical care ambulances.

Being at the forefront of a growing field that promises to help many people who have run out of options makes working at the Theranostics Center very meaningful for Alex. He is excited to be part of the continued expansion of the program as new treatments become available and to give the absolute best care to all theranostics patients.

Originally from Wisconsin, Alex has been in Austin since 2013 and enjoys outdoor sports and camping with his wife and children.

Chad Blockley of ARA Theranostics.


Paramedic II

Chad Blockley is a certified paramedic who received his training at the National College of Technical Instruction in Riverside, CA. His areas of technological specialty include nuclear medicine, vascular imaging, and cardiology. He served as an ambulance EMT in south central Los Angeles, responding to 911 emergency calls, and had positions assisting with vascular imaging and nuclear stress tests. Chad is dedicated to spending time with each ARA patient and getting to know more about them as they go through diagnostics or treatment at the Theranostics Center.

Chad had a previous career as a professional photographer in Los Angeles and Dallas. He obtained a B.A. In Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.F.A. in Commercial Photography from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA.

Chad lives in Buda, TX, and enjoys photography, camping, cooking, and spending time with his wife, son, daughter, and black lab, Dixie. He also speaks some German, stemming from his time as a student in Germany.

Sonia Buxton of ARA Theranostics.


Workflow Specialist, Neurointerventional and Theranostics

Bachelor of Science

Sonia Buxton helps schedule consults, treatments, and imaging for the Theranostics Center. She has a B.S. in Sport Performance from Eastern Michigan University, completed in 2021, and will complete an MBA in Healthcare Management at the University of Texas, Tyler, in Fall 2023.

Her goal at the Theranostics Center is to help patients navigate through the steps necessary to get to treatment and start feeling better. She lives in Leander and loves the outdoors, dogs, travel, and paddle boarding.